Emojis for special Note Types




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    Mohamed Moubasher

    It doesn't work for me, all symbols appears as CheckBoX ⬜ either it is Overdue Task or Done.

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    Hi Mohamed,

    we are very sorry, we somehow missed your comment, but we think it's never to late to help :)  

    It's hard to know, what went wrong without knowing your specific filters. But you can find exactly this workflow ready to use at our Lounge: https://lounge.filterize.net/lounge/en/workflow/-KroFeItLNKZJLfmdhlH
    Import it to your account and visit console.filterize.net. Then you have two opportunities:
    1. Compare your filters with them you imported. Check out, what possibly went wrong. 
    Get it to work and disable or delete the imported workflow.

    2. Use the imported workflow and disable your filters. 

    But please just use your own (modified) ones or the automation you downloaded from our Lounge to avoid processing errors. 

    Best regards,

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